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Course Outlines

35 hours of Projeact Management Training that fully complying with the latest issued PMBOOK 6th Edition   .... More Details


The course includes 100s of professional animated PowerPoint slides (around 900 slides) in addition to 100s of practice questions along with its answers that 100% complying with the latest issued PMBOK 6th Edition. From time to time the trainer provides short mock exams to cover specific knowledge areas then a full mock exam will be provided once the course is completed.

After each session the trainer shall electronically distribute (PDF format)  a brief summary that includes the content of each session and/or the knowledge area pulse practice quotations without answer. During the next session, the trainees will form small groups to review answers then the trainer will provide the right answers and discuss any questions “if any”

Course Instructor

A certified Project manager with 20+ years experiences in project management and training ..........................  More Details